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here's to mayo man

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here's to mayo man Empty here's to mayo man

Post by ControlCoreAngel on Fri 13 Mar 2020, 11:40 pm

im rather hurt at this guys loss, so im just going to copy-paste my annoucement of this from tumblr.

here's to mayo man Dafec633331e07d0590c6ffe041b904e77e8c3bc

i came home to moms today, and spent the last moments of mayos life with him.

above is the image of his cage how he left it.

everyone whos followed me for a fair bit has likely known of mayos injury- the large spot of fur he scratched off bloody from the left side of his head, which only got worse, and worse, and worse.

my mom had relayed to me that he had gotten particularly awful in health again. today i came to him to say hello, and within the next hour, he had passed of blood loss.

he fought for months with the injury, it hadnt been painful to him at first. he showed much promise in recovery, but in the end, he couldnt help himself. we medicated him, cuddled him, cleaned him up and more.

mayo was my moms favorite, but today was rough on her. his ears were white instead of pink, his eyes pink instead of normal bright red, his tail was frigid cold, his breathing ragged, his movements rigid. he drank a single sip of water and refused food i offered. i had given him three days, but i didnt expect it to be 30 minutes.

we spent his last moments with him cuddled up in some fabric, keeping him warm. he died surrounded by the people who loved him.

wed never seen a mouse suffer in their last moments as much as this, and weve owned many. my mom remarked how it hurt her how she simply couldnt afford euthanasia for him.

he was a truly sweet boy. mom said she didnt know if she could ever get another mouse, thats how important mayo was to her.

rest in peace, mayonnaise. heaven has all the chex cereal you can possibly ask for.

below are some photos of him as a baby, just after his rescue 3 years ago.

here's to mayo man A922bfec574149d7a930ab5b376892b7c4a82873here's to mayo man Be4f11d42270968bfd1aea7c4071b5fbaf750a6b


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here's to mayo man Empty Re: here's to mayo man

Post by chiroptera on Thu 19 Mar 2020, 4:30 am

I'm so sorry for your and your mom's loss - he seemed like such a sweet boy.

But 3 years is verrry old for a mousie, so you both must have taken great care of him. Rest assured he had a lovely little life for a lil' white mousie with you.

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