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should i take him back to the vet

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should i take him back to the vet Empty should i take him back to the vet

Post by Moose Sat 14 Mar 2020, 5:40 am

hello. so my mouse took another turn for the worse overnight. on my last post i was optimistic because his eye had fallen out and he was seemingly back to normal. now his head tilt is back so bad that he’s stumbling and off balance. the vet originally gave me medicine for an ear infection and mites (just in case) when i took him in for his original head tilt but once his eyeball started to pop out the vet became stumped because when he did his examination of him, looked in his ears and all he said he didn’t see a sign of ear infection, mites, nor did he feel a mass around the eye. my mouse becomes very stressed when i take him to the vet to the point his poops turn runny and we’ve been there so many times already trying to figure out what’s going on that even when we step into the building he hides and shakes and, although my vet is wonderful and handles him gently, my mouse is understandably scared and i’m stuck between accepting whatever’s happening to him (since he doesn’t seem to be in pain, still eating and drinking) and further investigating this issue.

RIP Jasper
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should i take him back to the vet Empty Re: should i take him back to the vet

Post by Honey102019 Wed 15 Apr 2020, 7:31 pm

I would look into another vet at a different practice.  I know you really like this vet and that he is gentle.  But, if he is stumped, I don't think there is anything more he can do.  However, that doesn't mean someone doesn't have an answer.  

Call every veterinarian in your area.  They may not be listed as an exotic vet but they may have pocket pet vets on staff.  When you speak to a staff member, confirm hours and the exam fees.  Ask if they offer discounts or complementary exams for new patients.  

Check yelp and google reviews of their practice before deciding. Once you have found one you like, ask to speak to the vet.  Have all your vet bills and visit summaries in front of you.  Explain what your mouse has been through and what has been done already.  If the vet has other suggestions, book an appointment.  If not, move onto someone else.

Call a veterinary college.  Most have clinics.  I live in Illinois and the University of Illinois at Champaign is where most of our vets come from.  They have a very well known clinic.  A college professor may have a different perspective.

Here is an international exotic vet directory...

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians

Try googling "Pocket Pet Veterinarian near [insert town, state/province/region]"

You can also try an online vet service...

Top 5 Online Veterinarians

I am so sorry for everything your mouse has been through.  I would try a product called Rescue Remedy for Pets.  Whole Foods, Health Food stores, and even major grocery chains with a pharmacy carry it.

Rescue Remedy for Pets

Add it to his water a day before the visit.  One of my vets suggested it for calming a mouse who had a chronic itching/OCD issue.  It helped.
I found this music while searching for relaxing music for myself.  You could play it in the car...

Relaxing Music for Rats

I hope you find an answer and I hope your mouse feels better soon. Smile
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