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First day intros gone bad

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First day intros gone bad Empty First day intros gone bad

Post by Babayaga on Sat 14 Mar 2020, 4:39 pm

Hey guys,
I joined after the terrible events of today. I just feel like I need to talk about it. I’ve had mice on and off for many years. Recently my female (goose) was left alone so I introduced 3 more (I couldn’t not take them all.) it went wonderful! So now we’ve upgraded to a detolf tank and I guess I got overexcited because I thought 3 more mice would be fine. Well in the neutral tank it turns out I have an aggressive alfa(baba yaga). She is attacking everyone now. Even her old mates and and she drew blood. One of the new mice looked so terrified I couldn’t take it so I separated the detolf and put the groups on separate sides. Baba Yaga can’t get to the new mice but she was not giving up even separated she wanted to get to them. She stopped attacking the old mates thankfully and eventually went to sleep.

I think I’m going to use the method I read on here where you switch the teams back and forth everyday to get their scents all over the tank. Then when I feel comfortable I will try the neutral tank again. I’m scared though after today. How does this sound to everyone.

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First day intros gone bad Empty late reply - i hope things have gotten better!

Post by katafrat on Sun 19 Apr 2020, 1:01 am

hello, babayaga! Love

-- I am so sorry for this late reply. i've been searching around for information on this forum, and i came across your post!

If your aggressive mouse, Baba Yaga is getting along fine with her old cagemates, but not the new ones, i would keep it how it is for a while. <3

introducing mice to each other can not only be stressful for you as an owner, but also to the mice as well. so it's always a really good idea to take it as slowly as you can. Smile It seems as though Baba Yaga is a bully mouse, so if you choose to reintroduce them, take it very slowly and if they fight (draw blood in particular. -- little squabbles that are resolved within 10 seconds are completely normal!), I would take Baba Yaga out of the neutral cage as soon as you can, and leave her in a closed area or playpen for 10 minutes. Then, you can try again. Smile

If your mouse, Baba Yaga is visibly hurting her old cage mates, I would recommend taking her out and letting her live alone for a couple of days. This serves multiple benefits: 1) It lets her calm down for a couple of days before trying again. 2) She will miss her cagemates and want to be nice to them after realizing she misses them.

Sometimes, mice will never get along and take it as slow as possible. <3

I really hope this helps! <3 and I hope things are going well. Tail Flip

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