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please help - ivermectin treatment!

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please help - ivermectin treatment! Empty please help - ivermectin treatment!

Post by plum88 Sun 15 Mar 2020, 10:28 pm

last night i noticed one of my mice itching excessively and three large raw patches of hair loss. i’m assuming it has to be from mites and have never dealt with this before. the soonest i could get ivermectin delivered would be friday and i feel like that’ll be too late, this is the only similar product i’ve found would it work?

and i’m worried about how to protect the raw patches, should i try to wrap them or apply anything to them? they’re all on her backside (very raw and red) but i’ve noticed her starting to itch around her face and am freaking out a bit.

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please help - ivermectin treatment! Empty Re: please help - ivermectin treatment!

Post by Robin~ Mon 16 Mar 2020, 7:30 am

I wouldn’t necessarily assume this is mites—it could just as easily be ringworm, some other fungal infection, a genetic disorder, or even cancer. Even high-protein diets can cause skin irritation. I would take your mouse to an exotic-experienced vet; they should do a skin scrape and be able to identify what the issue is.

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