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Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food

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Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food Empty Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food

Post by M O U S E on Fri 20 Mar 2020, 10:51 am

I just recently got my first mice. I have two very young females. My Mom, who has previously had ten mice, gave me her supplies because she isn't getting more (they all died very quickly...).
The food I have for them is Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food that also says that it's a treat and food mix. While researching, I found that mice are selective eaters and are very susceptible to being malnourished and obese. The mix is very colorful and has a lot of stuff in it, but there seems to be more sunflower seeds than anything.
Should I pick out some of the fattier treat foods when I replenish their food? Or is this a good brand?
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Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food Empty Re: Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food

Post by Robin~ on Fri 20 Mar 2020, 2:20 pm


While mice can be picky eaters, I don’t see this as the primary problem. You can simply use the tough love method, or not give any more food until what’s there is gone. My main concern is the amount of sunflower seeds, other allergens, and dyes.

If you got your mice from a pet store, chances are they ended up with some really bad genetics since mills only really prioritize output in most cases. This can leave mice more prone to allergies to food and obesity (particularly in brindle-colored mice). Dyes in general can cause cancer (not super well studied but there’s enough to want to try to steer clear), which, again, due to poor genetics, can help an already bad problem.

I like to stick to a pellet as a base. This gets rid of any malnutrition issues provided you choose a trusted brand. I use Oxbow Adult Rat pellets—unlike most other oxbow foods (including the mouse version), it’s actually based off brown rice, where the others are based off hay, which isn’t a natural part of a mouse’s diet. Then, I add in an allergen-free seed mix for some variety. I use Sunseed Vita Prima parakeet; lots of little seedy bits, but don’t overdo it since it’s not formulated for mice and contains some dyes.

Whatever you decide for the seed mix, do not pick out anything. This will mess up the nutritional value, making it unbalanced and your mouse prone to malnutrition. It’s much safer to pick a good mix off the bat.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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