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Angel's Moussier

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Angel's Moussier Empty Angel's Moussier

Post by ControlCoreAngel Sat 21 Mar 2020, 4:49 pm

Angel's Moussier!
Inspired from chiroptera's Moussier.

We've owned many a mouse over the years, so here is the full list.

"Svan" / "Svanhilda" / "Brunhilda"
Mom to the 13, girlfriend of Juniper, our first, short-tempered, fiery, bold
White, blonde spots
RIP, lost to stroke complications and old age


Father to the 13, troublesome, grumpy old man, chaotic energy, get off his lawn
RIP, lost to old age peacefully in his sleep

Sadly I never retained images of him, but he was an albino.

The 13
3 albino, 10 solid brown. I only kept 3 of them: Hiroko, Winter, and Echo

Sister to Echo + Winter, adoptive sister of Fat Baby, serious, smart, trained to audio cues, preferred time alone with Winter
Solid brown
RIP, lost to blindness and heartbreak


Sister of Hiroko + Echo, serious, preferred time alone with Hiroko
RIP, lost to stroke complications


Brother of Hiroko + Winter, sweet, curious, boundless energy, friendly, loved to run, dirty little man
Brown, tan underbelly
RIP, lost to old age peacefully in his sleep


Girlfriend of Svanhild, adoptive mom of the 13, sweet, social, friendly, curious
Black, banded white
RIP, lost to respiratory infection

Images coming soon!

Fat Baby
"Fatty" / "Tiger"
Adoptive sister of Hiroko + Winter, liked to be left alone, screamy, bratty, did things at her own pace
Gray brindle, developed obesity
RIP, lost to heartbreak

Images coming soon!

"Foxy Face"
Adoptive sister of Flick, no understanding of social cues, troublesome, mischievous, curious, hates cold, sleepy
RIP, lost to unknown cause, likely caused by illness or medication she was taking at the time

Images coming soon!

"Flicky Face" / "Digger"
Adoptive sister of Fox, curious, patient, likes to be left alone, hates cold, sleepy
Solid brown
RIP, lost to respiratory infection

Images coming soon!

"Mayo" / "Mayo Man" / "Ambush Predator" / "Little Boy" / "Sweet Baby Boy"
Patient, bold, gutsy, stubborn, playful, curious, mischievous, troublesome
RIP, lost to blood loss due to repeated scratching at face

Images coming soon!

"Maca" / "Maca Mouse"
Sweet, patient, likes to be left alone, motherly, jumpy, cautious
Gray, banded white, PEW

Images coming soon!

"Pip" / "You Jerk!" / "Peepin'"
Troublesome, stubborn, screamy, curious
White, spotted blonde, PEW

Images coming soon!


angel / mouse owner for 6+ years / they

current babies: pantalaimon / french fry

rip: svanhild / juniper / lumi / winter / echo / hiroko / fat baby / flick / fox / mayonnaise / macaroni / pipin / poppy / skittle
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Angel's Moussier Empty Re: Angel's Moussier

Post by chiroptera Tue 24 Mar 2020, 1:13 am

Aww, glad I could provide some inspiration! Smile

Such cute little mousies, can't wait for pics of the rest!

(If you wanted additional posts, let me know and I'll delete this~)

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