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Clue Empty Clue

Post by chiroptera on Tue 24 Mar 2020, 1:57 am

This year has not been good for me; my previous memorial post got into some of the details: but, the bad luck seems to continue.

I had to have my dear Clue-do let go the other day. Here she was, 'bundled up' in a tissue for the car ride to the vet.

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Now, she was nearing 2-and-a-half, so it's not a surprise, but it was hard to lose her. She was the last of my original 5 mice, the ones that got me back into mouse keeping, and she was sort of my last living connection to my dear Trouble, my heart mouse. Clue was also such a sweet old girl, she'd just snuggle in your hair or shirt if you got her out, never went after the younger mice, all around a sweetheart.

With everything going on I just really, really am hoping that this year starts to get better soon. My mental health has seriously taken a hit since January, and I'm really not doing well at all. There's not much I can do except stick it out, as I'm not insured right now, plus all the insanity around the virus. It's just a hard time for me.

Clue, my sweet girl, you will be so, so missed. I'm sure all of your sisters missed you, especially Mahjong and Dragon. Hope you're happy across the rainbow bridge.

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Clue Empty Re: Clue

Post by Peachy on Tue 24 Mar 2020, 6:49 am

So sorry to hear. chiroptera. This year has been a weird one for sure. Hopefully it’ll get just as good as it was bad. Take care of yourself. Good vibes

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