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Me and the boys

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Me and the boys Empty Me and the boys

Post by Aretta Fri 03 Apr 2020, 4:46 am

Hi everyone,

Me and my fiancee have recently got ourselves two white lab mice to take care of and while everyone thought they are girls, it turned out they are both boys so based on a lot of helpful info from this page, we have them now separated and munching happily on cucumber in their respective hideouts. We are still in the taming phase with them but they don't seem to be very scared of us and will take food from our hands if we have a little patience.

We named them Václav and Zikmund after rival Bohemian kings Wenceslaus IV. and Sigismund and so far, they stand up to their names - Václav is more chilled, eats and sleeps a lot and Zikmund likes to take his toys apart, run around and inspect everything. When they were together, Zikmund was the boss and while they didn't fight or anything, he would be the one to do everything first and rule the tank.

I used to have a lot of rescue animals as a kid because my mother is a vet but I am myself new to keeping mice and I hope to do everything right to give our two boys the best life possible!

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