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Peanut Care - help please Empty Peanut Care - help please

Post by lizzy88uk on Sat 04 Apr 2020, 4:28 am

Hi there,

I have what i believe is a peanut runt called Squirt, he's 3 weeks old today. I've been hand feeding him since week two, his mother stopped feeding him and two others at week two.
Both the others are runts and are gaining weight steadily, both have started to eat solids.

He's drinking milk every hour and at times very active! loves to run around his cage and climb on things. I understand it said not to raise peanuts but i want to give him a chance at life, he's made it this far! he was the first to start hopping out of the litter and has the biggest personality.

What can i do to help him to develop, he shows no interest in solids yet.

All advice is most welcome!

Rainbow Angel Many thanks

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Peanut Care - help please Empty Re: Peanut Care - help please

Post by Honey102019 on Wed 15 Apr 2020, 9:09 pm

Hello there.

I don't know if you mean cow's milk or formula.  But, if you are hand feeding baby mice, you should be using either kitten formula like KMR or goats milk.  

Mice cannot digest cow's milk.  It can make them very sick.  It doesn't provide them with all the nutrients they need to develop properly, either.  I would give them some pedialyte first, then start using either a product like KMR or goat milk.  You can find KMR (kitten formula) at Walmart, on Amazon, and at pet stores in the cat remedies section.  From what I understand powdered is better to have so you can mix a fresh batch right away.

This breeding packet from the Genetics and Reproductive section will give you the details.  The introduction should list a section for orphaned mice.  Click on the link and you will go right to it...

Breeding Packet

These videos from Creek Valley Critters are also very helpful for hand raising babies.
This is the first four videos out of ten. But, I would also watch the remaining videos. They address some of the problems that arise while hand feeding a baby mouse...

Raising a Baby Mouse
Feeding Matilda
How Much to Feed

Next time, try the search field.  This way you won't wait for an answer.  In this case, I would enter the word "babies".  You should get the breeding packet as well as several threads as a result.  That's how I became familiar with all the wonderful packets and information on this site.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your new litter.
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