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Making Tote homes today :) *wish me luck*

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Making Tote homes today :) *wish me luck* Empty Making Tote homes today :) *wish me luck*

Post by Carrie Thu 09 Apr 2020, 4:06 am

[color=#cc66ff] Love So today I've decided to make some tote homes for my Mice. My husband had made the ones we have thus far & may be helping today, depending on his schedule but primarily I will be turning some totes into homes for some of the male mice I have. A confession I have is~~ Some of my Male mice are in cages atm that I had had for hamsters previously. I had a ton of cages but I know these, even if connected, I'm told are way too small & ? too dangerous/ not the right home types for Mice. So today whilst this Corona Virus is keeping us all inside...I will be making tote homes. Also, going to be using my rather massive alotment of popsicle sticks for toys/houses, from tips I've gotten thus far off this board Smile && youtube. Wish me Luck and any pointers/tips appreciated.

My totes are the typical 12" X 22" clear plastic totes. I plan to cut pretty much both long sides plus top for ventilation, fill w/ shredded paper (our primary bedding), and then a mess of tp tubes, Popsicle stick houses, other toys etc etc. If I can get creative enough, perhaps take some fabric and shoe string or string of sorts and make hammocks (think rat type). I'm only experimenting w/ this stuff currently so am open to feedback and learning Wink

Wish me luck. These guys will hopefully enjoy their new tote condos Wink

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