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A Question on Plastic Totes

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A Question on Plastic Totes Empty A Question on Plastic Totes

Post by Carrie Thu 09 Apr 2020, 6:42 pm

So, this weekend and through next week I aim to convert all my wee mice that are currently in connected hamster cages to proper tote homes. In the past (and a couple currently), I have clear 18 gal / 72 quart clear totes w/ tops and also 1 side cut out (long panal side obviously). I found online from local outdoors store Gray totes for sale for under $7 a piece in this size. You're thoughts?
I'm thinking if I go ahead and cut Both long sides out plus the top/lid , and placed wire mesh...would that be enough ventilation and would it matter much if totes are gray as really then, the only remaining "short sides" would be left alone/uncut. ??

Also, an interesting side note, I am infact having to move all the mice to my lower level of my home as my husband is allergic and it was made known to me today (Bless his heart), that he has tripled his allergy meds due to the mice setting off his allergies. When asked why he'd not said anything from the get go, he simple responded that he didn't want to disturb my mice at all. Lordy. So, anywho, they will all be moving downstairs tomorrow. One more what temperature F do you guys keep your mice areas? An advantage of having them downstairs is I can set the thermostat and not touch it, while up here we do infact turn it up/down based on who's here...with my husband and I having a remarkable size difference, and therefore different temperature requirments. Just want what's best for my wee mice. Again, thanks for any advice in advance Smile

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A Question on Plastic Totes Empty Re: A Question on Plastic Totes

Post by chiroptera Thu 09 Apr 2020, 11:06 pm

I think it would be okay to use a gray bin, as long as there's a good chunk of the bin that allows light / air to go through! Mice like to be in dark places, so the smaller sides being opaque wouldn't really be a problem, I'd think.

My mice are just in my bedroom, which can be hot in the summer (Texas), but is generally just 'room temperature'.

I know my mouse breeder keeps her mice in her shed, and I think she said she's only had to bring them inside a few times? Personally I'd worry about the Texas heat, but apparently they've been okay.

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