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Mouse rolling uncontrollably

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Mouse rolling uncontrollably Empty Mouse rolling uncontrollably

Post by KylieRyan Sun 19 Apr 2020, 6:03 pm

At some point within the last 24 hours, my female mouse began periodically rolling uncontrollably. She doesn’t do it extremely often, maybe every few minutes, but when she starts she can’t stop for about 5-10 seconds. I did some research on this, and the best I could find (until I came across this forum) was that it could be an ear infection causing her to become very unbalanced, and to treat her with antibiotics at the first suspicion of such infection. However, due to the lockdown currently placed on where I live, I cannot go to the vet to find what she might need, so I need help finding out what to buy for her. I still have access to stores in my area, and I’m also willing to order online, but even with priority mail those aren’t likely to get here for multiple months. I need help!


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