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New to this forum, and new to mice!

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New to this forum, and new to mice! Empty New to this forum, and new to mice!

Post by Jenny Wed 29 Apr 2020, 3:53 pm

Hiya everyone, hope you are all happy and well.
I’ve come here to learn all I can about mice and how to be a great mice momma 🙂

In the past I’ve always researched the heck outta everything before I proceed - that’s true of pet adoption as well. But that changed when I brought two female mice home. I was at Petco picking up dog treats and cat litter. While there I was saying hello to the birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, and was watching the gerbils when a woman walks up and says to an employee: “is that all you have?” gesturing to the mice cage next to the gerbil cage. The employee nodded, the woman said she would buy them. The employee responds: “pets or feeders?”

my eyeballs almost fell out of my head and I just about lost my lunch when she replied: “feeders!”

I leapt in front of the mice cage with both arms outstretched like a lunatic power ranger and announced “I was here first and I’m buying every single mouse!”
They both looked at me like I was crazy and slowly backed away.

As my heart rate slowed and I came back to reality from my out of body experience, I softly asked how many mice had I bought? When the employee answered “two” I could have kissed him. WHEW.
So Dan the employee introduced himself, figured out what I had just done, very sweetly did not howl with laughter, and proceeded to help me gather everything I’d need to bring these two (again, whew! What if there were 20??) girls home.

I have them in a 20 gallon aquarium, with an exercise saucer, 2water bottles, food dishes, lots of paper bedding and strips of newspaper, a little house, toilet paper rolls, an and an applewood tree branch. Most of that is from my hedgehogs.

What else do I need? What’s right, what’s wrong? Please help I’m brand new to the mice world!

Tia 🙂 Jenny
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