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Mice don't know how to run on wheel

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Mice don't know how to run on wheel Empty Mice don't know how to run on wheel

Post by lizbeth.0319 Sat 02 May 2020, 8:17 pm

I only got them yesterday, and they're both about 4 weeks old. At first they would not go on the wheel, but this morning one of them did but didn't run on it. I'm pretty sure they just don't know what to do on it, so how would I teach them to?
The wheel is definitely big enough for them, and i'm thinking it may even be too big as they're both so small.
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Mice don't know how to run on wheel Empty Re: Mice don't know how to run on wheel

Post by BrendoniUrie Sun 03 May 2020, 1:22 am

I know that there are some mice and rats who just never learn to run on a wheel but it's not very often. You could be having this problem because they have never seen a wheel and don't know what to do with it. If they are unfamiliar with the type of wheel like a flying saucer that's also a likely cause. It is unlikely they are too small to move the wheel themselves, but if this is the case get them a smaller wheel first to use as they grow, but be careful to look for signs that the wheel is becoming too small for them and replace it immediately. The most likely option is that they don't know what to do with a wheel so I would first try to put some peanut butter higher up on the wheel where they could smell it and would reach towards it (not on the very top or on the bottom). It might take a few tries but they'll get the hang of it eventually.

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