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Pair bonding leaving other female alone

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Pair bonding leaving other female alone Empty Pair bonding leaving other female alone

Post by MabelnThorn on Sun 03 May 2020, 6:23 am

Hi everyone,

Was just looking for some knowledge regarding my mice as I’m a new mouse owner. I have recently got a new girl, Quartz which makes 3. It seems that one of my old girls, Mabel and her have bonded leaving my other girl, Thorn to almost be by herself. They are all from the same litter and are around 2 months old.

Thorn seems to be out of their hide a lot more than the other two, she is more submissive than the other two girls and it looks like they sometimes leave her out. I was thinking about getting another girl with them same temperament as Thorn so she can have a buddy to bond with, would that be a good idea??
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