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Hi am a lover of little pet mice and pet rats,

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Hi am a lover of little pet mice and pet rats,  Empty Hi am a lover of little pet mice and pet rats,

Post by joanamara75 Wed 06 May 2020, 6:32 pm

Hi I have had 5 mice so far and a pet rat, I had two female mice and 3 male mice, and 1 rat, the rat was called Rosie and I loved handling her she was so clean and calm didn't bite, she loved being handled or to run around in the plastic ball, my first mouse was one that I didn't have for long as it somehow managed to escape and the dog ate it that was Pixie, then when I moved and no longer had the dog, I got a female mouse called Maisie, she was sweet, then when she passed, I got a male and a female and called the male Monty, and the female Millie, then I lost Millie as she had a kink in her tail but I still had Monty and I used to give him tea in his own little bowl, he would run around the house wherever he wanted to go, he had freedom, and then I moved and left him with me ex-husband and bought another male mouse and called it Dixie although I was with a new partner then and I wasn't allowed to handle him or get him out of the cage, I cared for him as well as I could but he died. then my partner decided he wanted a dog instead, but if I ever get the chance I will have mice as pets again, or a rat, I prefer them and they are so much quieter. I Love mice
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