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Changes in mice behavior during “that time of the month”?

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Changes in mice behavior during “that time of the month”? Empty Changes in mice behavior during “that time of the month”?

Post by kyara_cresci on Sat 23 May 2020, 3:33 pm

Hi! So I have an unusual question that I have been curious about. I’ve recently adopted 3 mice from an amazing breeder and right from the start I knew I had a connection with 1 of the girls, Mocca. She’s always been more curious and trusting and would like climbing up my arm. Yesterday I realized that she was behaving a bit more distant than usual, no interest or curiosity to interact with me unless I have treats. Which is okay I just thought it was odd since she’s been much more engaging and adventurous since I got her. A few moments later I realized that my awful feminine days of the month have started lol. Today Mocca is still acting a bit distant so I’m curious if it might be possible that she had sensed maybe that my smell is different? Kind of like dogs that can sense that although they don’t seem to mind. She could also just be not in the mood to interact but I thought it was a very odd coincidence!🧐
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