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Opinions Wanted - Vitamins!!

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Opinions Wanted - Vitamins!! Empty Opinions Wanted - Vitamins!!

Post by Comet on Sat 30 May 2020, 10:18 pm

Looking to give vitamins to a mouse! I found these, and the reviews all sound great...for hamsters and rats. No mice reviews even though these products claim to be for mice as well. I know that companies like to market things for mice that aren't great for mice at all, so that's why I wanted to check here first before trying anything.

Here are what that I'm looking at:

- "Pro-Vital Rat & Mouse Supplement"
( )

- "Oasis Vita-Drops High Potency Multi-Vitamins for Hamsters, Rats, Mice & Gerbils"
( )
( )

Any recommendations you have used would be great too!

One reason for this is that we've got one mouse in particular who isn't very energetic. They're not necessarily lethargic, they are not showing signs of old age (nor are they that old), and their health is fine. They just don't seem to like doing much besides sitting there, so I was looking for a safe way to give them a little boost of energy!
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Opinions Wanted - Vitamins!! Empty Re: Opinions Wanted - Vitamins!!

Post by Robin~ on Sun 31 May 2020, 7:50 am


I would avoid using vitamin supplements--occasionally they can over-supplement a mouse which can have similarly adverse effects.

Generally, if your main diet is already supplemented for mice/rats, there should be no need to add anything else. Smile

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