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Male mouse available in Burlington, Ontario

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Male mouse available in Burlington, Ontario Empty Male mouse available in Burlington, Ontario

Post by violetess Wed 03 Jun 2020, 4:30 pm

So I got my first mouse last week, I wanted to start out with a pair of females but there was only one female left so I decided to take her home and find a companion for her elsewhere. Went to a pet store yesterday and said I needed a female mouse. I could see the, ahem, boy parts on the mice so I thought it would be easy to make sure I was getting a female. The woman at the store held a mouse by the base of its tail and asked if I thought it was female and I couldn't see any balls so I said I think so. Then once I got home I and took the mouse out of the box I could tell that he was actually male. I guess I just couldn't see them from the way she was holding him or he was holding them in. The website for the store says that all livestock are final sale, no returns or exchanges. He is very cute and I love him already, but I'd have to keep him in a separate cage which takes up a lot of space and would require twice as much bedding and supplies, plus I still need to find a female companion for my first mouse so its just too much for a first-time mouse owner. So if anyone in Ontario around Burlington/the GTA is looking for a cute little boy mouse I want to find a loving home for him. Also if anyone in the same area knows where female mice are available that would be great too.

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