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Post by W0LF on Sat 06 Jun 2020, 7:13 pm


I have had every small animal under the sun, except for mice! I have recently adopted two beautiful young sisters who I adore and seem to adore me as well.

I seen on another article or topic here that Oxbow Garden Select for mouse and young rat is a bad food because it contains corn as the first ingredient. When I look on the label I see absolutely no corn in the whole diet! So I’m confused as to how it’s a bad food, did they change the ingredients? Along with this I feed the Sunseed Vita Prima complete nutrition rat and mouse seed food. All together I thought I have picked a very nice diet for my two girls, but the article on the Oxbow food kind of freaked me out and then confused me when I read my bag of food to see that none of the ingredients match to the one in the article.

I just want my two girls to be live a happy and healthy life, and thought I did some pretty good research on diets for them. If anyone has any advice or opinions on these foods together please let me know! Thank you so much. Love
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Post by Robin~ on Mon 08 Jun 2020, 7:20 am


I believe the article was referring to the regular young rat/mouse, not the garden select one. Still, GS Young Rat and Mouse is unsuggested as it’s hay based and mice cannot process hay well. Oxbow Adult Rat is rice-based and a great option for a fortified pellet; I strongly recommend it.

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