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Post by Rodentlover98 Wed 17 Jun 2020, 2:37 pm

Hi, newbie here. I don't currently own any mice but have owned rats, hamsters and a rabbit. Looking for advice and general information.

There's a mousery near me and I was thinking of adopting mice. Trouble is I know NOTHING about them Sad

If I have any they'll be from pup. I have an Alaska cage, would the bar spacing be too big for them? Would I need to buy a cage for them.

What  cage would you recommend?
What size wheel should I be looking at getting?
What size enclosure?

Anything will help.


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Hi. Empty Re: Hi.

Post by Robin~ Wed 17 Jun 2020, 3:27 pm


The Alaska would be great in terms of size! The bar spacing is 1cm if I'm remembering correctly.

As for wheels, they're technically not needed (unlike hamsters), but I'd recommend going as large as possible, but anything over 20cm should work provide it spins easily. I use Silent Runners (not silent spinners) both my mice and I love them to bits. Medium (~18cm) flying saucers are also great; they can be smaller in diameter since their tail can just hang off and won't bend with the wheel.

In terms of other info, a lot of the pinned topics on here are pretty good but some are a bit outdated. In the article below I link all of the up to date ones and comment on some of the outdated stuff within them.

Mouse Care Master List

Hope to see you around!

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