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Tunnels/smell trade off

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Tunnels/smell trade off Empty Tunnels/smell trade off

Post by Spacebyte Thu 25 Jun 2020, 5:13 pm

Hi again!
All of my little pets are on recycled teabag paper bedding. This is very soft, and holds tunnels well, but it not good at odour control. This was fine with my previous pets, but the little mice do seem to smell more!

Ideally I want a bedding that I can buy in a bale and use for all my pets, however they all love to tunnel. I was looking at hemp or elephant grass bedding, but I am hearing mixed things on how well these substrates hold tunnels? All of my pets, the mice included, get a thick layer of substrate and make tunnels. Maybe the mice could have something on the bottom of their cage to help with smell? Puppy pads? 😂

I tried megazorb with a hamster years ago and I did not like it, I also won’t buy Fitch. Does anyone have recommendations? I’m in the UK and usually buy through ratrations, but any other shop that ships is fine Smile

Thank you!

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Tunnels/smell trade off Empty Re: Tunnels/smell trade off

Post by Robin~ Thu 25 Jun 2020, 5:43 pm

I've heard Aubiose is pretty good for burrowing. You can buy it in bulk at farm stores for like ten pounds a bale.

Mixing in paper/wood-based, non-clumping, unscented cat litter can help with the odor but it also sacrifices burrow-friendliness. I doubt placing it at the solely on the bottom would do much since most of the urine is concentrated on the surface.

Otherwise, maintaining a regular cleaning schedule (clean out the whole cage once a week, check the wheel every day for urine, etc) and using a well-ventilated cage (ideally barred) help a lot with the smell.

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