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Is it mouse safe?

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Is it mouse safe? Empty Is it mouse safe?

Post by plant16649 on Sat 27 Jun 2020, 5:19 am

Hey there,

I want to create a vivarium type set up for my mice - when I eventually get more - and there's a few things I'm considering...

- soil/sand/gravel substrate: is it mouse safe? I've used potting soil before that cause a URI probably because it was dusty so I was wondering if there were any alternatives. I've heard about hemp and coco fibre?

- is expanding foam safe? This is what is generally used in vivariums as a background but I'm wondering (as mice are chewers) if it would be safe for them, or if there's an alternative to creating backgrounds (concrete? clay?)

Also, I'm reconsidering this, but is it safe to keep mice outdoors or in a greenhouse? Obviously undercover, but I've seen lots of zoo exhibits and things outside so it can be done?

thanks all!

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Is it mouse safe? Empty Re: Is it mouse safe?

Post by Robin~ on Sat 27 Jun 2020, 7:34 am


1. Soil, sand, and gravel are all pretty bad for burrowing, so I wouldn’t use them as a main substrate. Their dustiness also opens the door to URIs. In the wild, soil is compacted by thousands of years of wear, plus there are plenty of roots that hold up the structure. In captivity, you really don’t have that. I hear hemp based beddings like Aubiose are good for burrowing and dust levels, though. Even a brown paper based bedding can work nicely along with some leaf litter (you’ll obviously need to get this from a clean source and use safe leaves, such as birch or willow).

2. Expanding foam may work if your mice don’t chew on it, but I probably wouldn’t take the risk. Clay and concrete would be much safer since they can’t be chewed.

3. [answered in other thread]

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Is it mouse safe? Empty Re: Is it mouse safe?

Post by chiroptera on Sun 28 Jun 2020, 11:41 pm

Cocofibre is mouse safe, and I know @Mahjling has a lot of success using it with their mice! It gives a good, natural aesthetic, and would definitely be safer than soil; although I have heard soil is okay if its' safe, I wouldn't recommend it. Definitely no sand or gravel, gravel especially would be extremely hard on their paws and pretty much useless for burrowing. This could be used for some interesting natural-looking hides that is completely safe for mice. Smile

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