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Suggestions for a homemade mix

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Suggestions for a homemade mix Empty Suggestions for a homemade mix

Post by Mouserat on Sat 27 Jun 2020, 8:15 pm

I've been feeding my girls a store bought seed mix that i removed the pellets from (they were mainly corn) and replaced with oxbow essentials adult rat food. I've been hoping to switch to a homemade diet for a long time now but i never had the money but now a homemade mix would essentially be cheaper then what I'm feeding now and would be less wasteful. I've looked through a lot of different recipes and I'm getting a little lost especially with the percentages and everything so if anybody has any suggestions they'll be apreceated lol.

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Suggestions for a homemade mix Empty Re: Suggestions for a homemade mix

Post by Robin~ on Wed 01 Jul 2020, 7:14 am


I assure you, a commercial mix will always be less expensive than a homemade mix, at least if you make a high quality one and not one made from your pantry/table scraps. The start up costs for mine were close to $50, but I already had most of the seeds/grains from my treat bin so the actual scratch cost is likely closer to $100. Commercial mixes are what, $10-15 for 2lbs? Don’t get me wrong, homemade mixes are a fantastic way to provide a high quality, varied mix, but don’t go into it thinking you’ll be saving money.

If you wanted to create your own mix, though, knowing it’ll be more expensive, I’d suggest giving these articles a read. They are based off hamsters, so for mice they’ll look a little different due to their different nutritional requirements, but the main concepts are similar.

The first is a series (the rest is linked at the top of the first) that is like a Diet 101. It explains how to mix a food and what to look for in a food. You probably don’t need to read IV and V since those are more hamster specific but they can give you an idea of what high quality looks like and what foods you could use.

The second goes into detail about homemade diets:
I generally tend to tweak the recommended percentages for each group for variety and GA reasons. Here’s what my current mix is (appx.):
60% grains
15% seeds
5% legumes
10% vegetables
5% animal proteins
5% nuts
So, basically, I took down the legumes since those are high in protein and mice reportedly can’t process them well anyways. For veggies, I found 30% was high even for hamsters, so I stick to 10-15%. Then, the grains and seeds were increased to account for the difference. The final mix will likely be very rich—mine is close to 15% protein, 12% fat, and 13% fiber—but this can be tweaked by adding in Oxbow and a low-protein food (such as a bird seed mix).

If you have any further questions let me know!

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