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Deer mice with Fancy mice?

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Deer mice with Fancy mice? Empty Deer mice with Fancy mice?

Post by Iggy Peterson on Thu 02 Jul 2020, 11:30 am

I ended up hand raising an orphaned deer mouse and I recently upgraded her into a 40 gal tank. She loves her pen and keeps very busy. However, I have noticed she has gotten more and more hungry for attention. I know mice are social creatures so I was wondering if I should get her a friend, since she is about 4 weeks old. Since she is a female I know to definitely get another female... Do I have to get another deer mouse or can I get a fancy mouse? Thanks!!

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Deer mice with Fancy mice? Empty Re: Deer mice with Fancy mice?

Post by Robin~ on Sat 04 Jul 2020, 6:30 pm

Deer mice and fancy mice are completely different species and likely would not get along--it's like putting a human and a chimp in the same room and expecting them to create a bond as strong as if they were with their own kind. Your best bet if you were to keep her would be to treat her like a male mouse--give her as much attention and time out of the cage as possible along with a fully enriched cage.

Do you have any wildlife rehab centers near you that could prep her for the wild and release her to a group? As sad as it would be to see her go, it would really be best for her to be with her own kind and, as far as I'm aware, it's illegal to sell wild mice as pets.

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Deer mice with Fancy mice? Empty Re: Deer mice with Fancy mice?

Post by SarahAdams on Fri 21 Aug 2020, 9:51 pm

I got a baby deer mouse my cat brought home. I kept her in a little tank until the weather improved enough to take her to a great field full of other mice. She was a dear little thing, but she was a wild animal and deserved to be with her own kind. She ran out of my hand and headed straight into one of the reedy mouse tunnels in the field. I was sorry to see her go but felt good knowing she would live the life she was meant to.

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