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Updates on my two boys and names!

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Updates on my two boys and names! Empty Updates on my two boys and names!

Post by hockeycat30 on Fri 03 Jul 2020, 5:10 pm

Hi, I posted a couple of days ago after bringing home my two new male mice. I ended up seperating them because there were too many squeaks and chases I was not comfortable with even if no blood was drawn. So I picked up a 20 gallon and got two of everything so they would be safe. I am hoping to upgrade the other mouse into a 20 gallon from the 10 so they have equal space. Here are some pictures of my boys and their current setups. Any recommendations on giving them equal play/tame time? or best treats to use for taming?
the original set up
the boys in their travel cage
Onyx's 10 gal
Flash 20 gal

Flash is tan and white, he loves to run and is more outgoing and willing to take treats from me
Onyx is blue and white he is very reserved was more dominant to flash, and needs a lot more work to be comfortable with me

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