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Grieving Mouse Losing Weight

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Grieving Mouse Losing Weight Empty Grieving Mouse Losing Weight

Post by MacnCheezer Mon 06 Jul 2020, 10:06 am

My mouse, Butter, lost her companion Cream last week. It hit her pretty hard so I moved her in with my other two mice (Choco and Latte) to keep her company. Choco and Latte are bigger than her and sometimes sniff her aggressively but they do not chase her anymore and I have seen them snuggle sometimes. Today I noticed that Butter was very light and I could feel her ribs. Before all this happened she was on the plump side. There is plenty of food in their tank, so I do not think Choco or Latte could be preventing Butter from eating. Butter is accepting fewer treats and eating them very slowly or not at all. Is she not eating out of grief? Could she be scared by her new situation? Will she get better on her own? If not, what do I do to help her? I am very worried because she seems sad, tired, and less adventurous also.

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Grieving Mouse Losing Weight Empty Re: Grieving Mouse Losing Weight

Post by Peachy Tue 07 Jul 2020, 9:14 am

How old is Butter? Weight loss could be normal aging and just unfair timing. Any other signs of illness? What size is her environment? What kind of enrichment do you provide?

If you think she might be sick I would advise a vet visit. They’ll be able to advise you on how to proceed. If it’s likely age-related you could offer foods like scrambled eggs and fresh cooked turkey or chicken without seasoning to help her get some good foods to feed her body. These smell great too so may be more appealing to an old lady!

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