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One mouse has passed, are the others safe?

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One mouse has passed, are the others safe?  Empty One mouse has passed, are the others safe?

Post by Spacebyte Fri 10 Jul 2020, 4:39 pm

We had a trio of mice, two older sisters and a younger. The youngest one was at the vet last week as she was making a wee noise. The vet said it was a mild respiratory issue and she was otherwise in good health and well handled.

She had her course of antibiotics, she was playing well with her older sisters, they all slept curled up together, no fights. Came in this evening and she has passed away in one of the wheels Sad

No sign of injury, she was eating snacks out of my hand this morning, I have no idea what’s happened. Only thing I can think is a wee organ went. Is there any disease that would kill a mouse so quickly? Are her older sisters going to be okay?

I don’t want to sound crazy but I think they are looking for her Sad they are sniffing around the wheel and making squeaks. Should I wash the wheel so they can’t smell her? Clean out the cage? I’m very sad, she was still young. Are they going to be okay as a pair? Sad

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One mouse has passed, are the others safe?  Empty Re: One mouse has passed, are the others safe?

Post by chiroptera Wed 15 Jul 2020, 12:20 am

It is possible that the other mice have caught her disease, so I would keep a close eye on them. Are they sneezing, do they sound wheezing, or are they eating/drinking any less? If you don't see symptoms, I wouldn't be concerned - it's not uncommon for one mouse to get sick and others in the colony not to, for whatever reason. (Often there is already something wrong with them that you may not be able to see.)

Mice sometimes, unfortunately, will just pass away - they are short-lived animals by nature, and are very good at hiding their illnesses. Also, if your mousie was from a pet store, or was bred as a feeder, it's likely she had poor genes to start with.

I'd recommend cleaning the cage out after the death of one of your mice. Not only will it maybe lessen the scent of their missing friend, but it will ensure that there aren't any germs, blood, infected urine/feces, etc. left over that might endanger the mice that are still alive.

If the two are bonded and don't have issues getting along, it probably won't be an issue with them remaining in a pair, although you might consider getting another mouse, so that if one of the others dies down the line, the remaining mouse will still have company. It's possible that with one mouse dying the dynamic in the group will change and cause issues, but I don't think it's super likely.

I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope your other little girls are okay!

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