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10 gallon?

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10 gallon? Empty 10 gallon?

Post by Sarsaparilla Wed 29 Jul 2020, 3:41 pm

Hello! I just have a quick question. I have an empty 10 gallon tank that previously housed fish and at one point hermit crabs. I've been researching mice a bit and still have a lot to learn but I was wondering if it was considered ethical to keep a male mouse in a ten gallon. I assume it would not be big enough for a group of female mice but I was just curious if that would be okay to use if I ever did choose to get a mouse. Of course I would provide lots of enrichment and time out of the cage but I just wanted to see if this was an option. Thanks!

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10 gallon? Empty Re: 10 gallon?

Post by Peachy Wed 29 Jul 2020, 6:48 pm

A 10 gallon is the bare minimum for one male or three females. Many of us prefer to use 10 gallons while taming new mouse friends, and then upgrade to something a little larger when the mouse is comfortable with your company. A 10 gallon can also come in handy when introducing new females to each other, as too much space can cause them to become territorial and/or split up. It’s also a great size for a nursery or hospital tank!

So it would be fine for starters, and then if you can it would be ideal to upgrade to something larger for a permanent home.

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