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rehoming in western mass

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rehoming in western mass Empty rehoming in western mass

Post by anxiousmousedad Thu 27 Aug 2020, 11:50 am

Hi everyone, it breaks my heart to do this but to put it quite simply my 2 girls aren't getting the best care I could give them. Not to say I'm neglecting them, but my health has taken a decline as of late and I don't think they're being as enriched as they could be. One of my mice is barbering rather intensely and when I think I've got the problem under control it just happens again and it's making me anxious and ashamed. I'm losing range of fine motor control so cleaning the tank is becoming an issue, and I also have become too anxious to try and handle them due to an accident the mice faced when I first got them.

I started off with 4 and now own 3, one was rehomed to a friend of mine and is doing very well, but one of my mice has a brain injury and needs to be kept alone. I watched her have a seizure and took her to the vet and she's doing well enough but seeing how fragile they are in real time has made me way too anxious to try and hold any of them.

I got them from Petco last November (I can give an exact date if wanted) and I'm willing to give all the toys they currently have and the food as well. The two girls (an all black named Beepcheep who has the barbering issue and a black and white one named Peppercorn who's a bit of a bully to everyone but Beepcheep) are kept in a 20 gallon long fishtank with a mesh tank topper.

They love hanging swings!

I really just want what's best for them and it hurts me to realize I can't provide that.

I'm located in Springfield Mass and would prefer to give them to someone with previous mouse experience because they deserve the best. I tried my best and I know owning smaller animals isn't quite in my ability range, so this is quite a learning experience for me. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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rehoming in western mass Empty Re: rehoming in western mass

Post by Mosey mouse Sun 06 Sep 2020, 10:54 am

I suggest posting on this forum as well just to get the word out

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