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Bald head / loosing hair hand raised baby mice

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Bald head / loosing hair hand raised baby mice Empty Bald head / loosing hair hand raised baby mice

Post by Lucille Tue 15 Sep 2020, 6:44 am

I just wanted to leave a post on this forum since im finding some mouse info super hard to come by

If you have mice that are weaning or just weaned and they have bald spots, especially on the head or sides of the face this is normal and the hair will grow back soon

Ive been doing a lot of research on different mouse support forums and found this info on one specifically for hand raised orphaned mouse and rat babies

If you are nursing pinkies yourself with no adult mice to help care for the babies, it is inevitable that as you get closer to weaning, it becomes more difficult to clean the babies after nursing them because they are stronger, more mobile, and have more fur

The milk they get on their face and head during those last nursing sessions dries and hardens in the hair. As they wean, they also gain the ability to scratch and groom themselves.

Grooming off the dried milk is then like ripping wax off your bikini zone or lady mustache (dont judge lol)

They want to feel clean but the only way to get the milk off their faces involves loosing hairs

When this happens, you will see clean healthy bald skin patches with no signs of irritation or mites/lice

I do think my babies skin looked a little red right before they lost their hair. Having dried milk stuck to ya would do that.

If you hand raised/nursed your babies with a syringe or paintbrush and they look like this, give them a couple weeks before treating them for possible parasites or removing things from their diet or tank looking for allergies-the hair will probably grow back on its own
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