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Post by AmyLynn Mon 21 Sep 2020, 2:51 pm

I know lots of people purchase their new mouse friend from a local pet store. They are quickly advised how inexpensive they are. They need no yearly shot or vaccinations and there is not much need for vet care. These people are sales men and women attempting to sell you a product. In this case a living creature. What they might be telling you is doing both yourself and your little friend a disservice.

It is true mice do not need the same shots and maintaince care from a vet that your dog or cat does. However, that doesn't mean they do not need any. A first time wellness visit with your local veterarian can be cost saving in the future and can help keep your pet mouse happy and healthy. Let me explain.

Many costly problems can be avoided with correct care. The right vet will be able to trim your mouse's nails. Scratching and cleaning with long nails can cause wounds that can quickly get infected and require not only a vet visit but medicine and follow ups. Watching and learning how to do this in extremely helpful. Don't hesitate to ask them to show you how they are doing it so you can do it at home. They will check your mouse for signs of mites and other paricites that you may not have noticed. Early treatment means quick resolution and less added medical bills. They will be able to double check the sex of your mouse. This can help avoid unwanted babies. They can also tell if you have a pregnant mouse. They will check for lumps and bumps that if treated earlier prolongs the life of your mouse. In addition they weigh your mouse so that they can compare if your mouse gets sick latter. They will know the behavior and what your mouse's is like when they are well. It can be used as a baseline latter when they are not.

That's not all. You and your mouse get to meet the Vet before there is a suspected problem or emergency. Your mouse will have been at the vets office and been handled by the Vet while they are not stressed due to illness or injury and will be more cooperative if they need to come back in. You can also see how the Vet handles both you and your animal. Would you want them handling your mouse in an emergency? You can come with a list of questions about anything you want to know. They can give you advise on preventive care and how to handle common problems that might come up.

Your mouse in now a patient of the vet. You can now call or email them with questions or concerns. A good vet may be able to answer basic questions over the phone. Saving you on unnecessary trips and letting you know when they really should be seen. Waiting for a problem or emergency is worst time to be trying to find a good vet. Take the time to research and find a good vet early. Stop by a persective vets office before making an appointment. Is it clean are the people helpful and can they give you prices. The cheapest vet may not be the best but the most expensive may not be either. Does the vet have a way to handle after hours emergencies. Read as many reviews as you can from good sources.

Mice get older like any other animals and with age comes medical issues. Choose a good vet that will help you keep your mouse happy and healthy.

Amy Lynn
(a loving Heart mouse mom)

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