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My mouse won't eat.

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My mouse won't eat. Empty My mouse won't eat.

Post by MousieMomma Sat 26 Sep 2020, 12:39 pm

My mouse, Cinderellie, has a URI and I am currently giving her medication and water through a syringe, but I can't get her to eat. She is very underweight and I'd like to get her to gain a little bit. Can I give her goats milk or kitten formula for extra calories while also offering her solids to see if she'll start eating? If not, what can I do?

Thank you in advance!
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My mouse won't eat. Empty Re: My mouse won't eat.

Post by MeanMurine Sat 26 Sep 2020, 1:14 pm

Oh goodness. First things first, is she on probiotics? Some bene-bac could prove life saving for her, as antibiotics can cause diarrhea otherwise and it can be lethal. They kill off all the gut flora and probiotics replenish it.
That being said, kitten formula is okay to give to mice as a boost. You can mix it with baby cereal to make a porridge. Other calorific food items are nuts (I use pecan nuts and walnuts), as they are fatty. Heavy cream is low enough in lactose that it won't cause a problem so you can use that in a pinch. Is she on pellets or a mix? For a more complete nutrition you can blend some quality pellet feed (science selective for mice + rats, for example) and mix it with water or formula. That can be syringe fed to the mouse. Keep an eye on her teeth, overgrown teeth will hinder her eating.
Best of luck.

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