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Post by abbyabe Sun 27 Sep 2020, 3:43 pm

hello! i have 3 baby mice that have no mommy. they’re all very fussy but seem to be eating well at the moment. they’re about 14 days old and barely have their eyes open and are super skinny. me n my bf have tried everything. no one in the area is able to take them so we’ve been raising them on our own. they seem to be very wrinkled or like they’re too skinny. i’m not too sure. so i did research and the internet says they’re very dehydrated. they hate pedialyte so we have been mixing it with sugar free baby cereal (bc they’re supposed to be learning how to eat more solid foods).. is there anything more we can do?? no vets in the area are able to give them saline solution injections :// we are feeding them every 1-2 hours day n night!! i’m so worried they’re not gonna make it.

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Post by MeanMurine Sun 27 Sep 2020, 5:11 pm

Goat milk or kitten milk replacer through a syringe or on a clean paintbrush will hydrate them if they won't take pedialyte at all. Those should be their base formula for feeding time too. 2 weeks and open eyes means you can start leaving jar lids around with baby cereal mixed with their milk as well as jar lids with water and a chunk of rye crispbread in to encourage water consumption. This way they can start working out how to drink and eat on their own. Keep them warm! I wish you the best of luck.

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