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WANTED: Deer Mouse pups (orphans!) in Ohio & PA

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WANTED: Deer Mouse pups (orphans!) in Ohio & PA Empty WANTED: Deer Mouse pups (orphans!) in Ohio & PA

Post by Mouserinks Thu 01 Oct 2020, 1:24 pm

As a result of living on a farm with efficient barn cats, I've found and hand-raised several Deer Mouse orphans over the years. Some released, some kept, depending on their disposition.

My current lady (3 years old) has been kept company by former feeder mice, but their significantly shorter life-spans have left her alone once again.

Ideally, I'd love to introduce another Deer Mouse (or a few) to her, as they should have similar longevity. Female is preferred, of course, but I wouldn't mind a male at all.

If anyone finds orphans in need of care, please contact me. I promise to be quick to respond.

I am aware of all safety precautions, including quarantine (I know hantavirus is not passed from a mother to her pups but I am still cautious because of possible parasites, mites, mouse lice, etc) and I am well-equipped to care for pups of any age. Additionally, I take all of my mice to see the veterinarian as often as possible -- and especially before introducing them to my healthy mice.

I am able to traverse Madison, Painesville, Geneva, Cleveland, and similar areas in Ohio; and anywhere near the border of PA. I can compensate you for your time and gas money within reason.

I am NOT interested in any non-orphans, or untamed young adult/adult mice (past 2 weeks of age), including mice that haven't been handled enough and are very much wild in disposition.
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