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feeder mouse .. and fancy mouse!?

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feeder mouse .. and fancy mouse!? Empty feeder mouse .. and fancy mouse!?

Post by abbyabe Sat 03 Oct 2020, 2:25 am

hello!! i recently bought a feeder mouse to feed some baby mice that i had (they’re not longer with us Sad ) and now me n my bf are keeping her as a pet. i read that female mice need to be housed in pairs so i was wondering if i’d be able to buy another female fancy mouse to put in the same cage with her so she doesn’t get lonely. she’s very sweet but very very afraid of everything. she did try to attack the baby mice though... so i don’t want to put another mouse in harms way. sorry for being so all over the place!!! me n my bf are new mice owners <3

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feeder mouse .. and fancy mouse!? Empty Re: feeder mouse .. and fancy mouse!?

Post by Robin~ Sat 03 Oct 2020, 8:29 am


I’m not sure what you mean by having your current mouse feed babies (females only produce milk during pregnancy, and even then a random mom is very unlikely to take on a random litter of pups, especially if you happened to mean wild mice pups), but either way welcome to the world of mice!

Feeder mice and fancy mice are the same species, so, yes, they can be housed together. Just be sure to quarantine the new mice (ideally you’ll want to have at least three mice at a time in case one passes) before introducing them to your current mouse. In the meantime, be sure to give your girl lots of attention to make up for the lack of company. Smile

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