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My mouse keeps biting

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My mouse keeps biting Empty My mouse keeps biting

Post by Pearlandluna Tue 06 Oct 2020, 3:41 pm

So my one mouse that keeps biting, when she does I back off but it does not help when I try the next day. every morning when they are up, I feed them then I put my hand down in the center of the tank and she will run up and bite me then go in to her hide. I have tried many taming styles but none have worked with her. She also never bite the other mouse.

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My mouse keeps biting Empty Re: My mouse keeps biting

Post by MeanMurine Tue 06 Oct 2020, 6:53 pm

That sounds like aggressive biting. She's doing it to make you go away, and by backing off you've rewarded that behaviour. Crying out or reacting in general is telling the mouse that her little biting scheme is working out.
The secret to getting rid of that kind of biting is to not react at all when you get bit, simply keep your hand there. Eventually, the mouse will realise that their bites aren't achieving anything and they will typically stop.

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