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Post by Mouse_mom on Tue 06 Oct 2020, 9:08 pm

I have 3 mice, Betty, Penny, and Winnie. I got Betty and Penny together before realizing that they would be better off in a trio, and then introduced Winnie. Betty and Penny were fighting quite frequently, but since adding the third mouse everything has been great between them. The three of them had some squabbles after the initial intro, but now get along relatively great. The only issue is that I see Winnie picking on penny pretty often. It's usually quick, and never violent, but today I caught Winnie pinning Penny on her back which I've never seen before. I know you're supposed to separate the bully mouse if things get violent, but does this constitute removing Winnie for a "time out" or should I just continue to let the two of them work it out?
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Bully mouse Empty Re: Bully mouse

Post by AmyLynn on Wed 14 Oct 2020, 12:23 pm

How long have they been together? If there is excessive Bullying placing the offended in a separate cage for a few hours or overnight is a great idea. I would watch to see if Winnie is doing something that is upsetting Penny. Maybe there is a favorite food that she is taking or is hogging the wheel or hideout and she is annoyed. If you can tell what the sqable is over you can adjust the situation to stop the fighting.

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