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I'm new, hi!

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I'm new, hi! Empty I'm new, hi!

Post by Miss Annamarie Tue 20 Oct 2020, 1:49 pm

Hi! I'm Anna (Annamarie), and I am 18, I reside in the USA, ND. I've been super interested in mice, I plan on adding a single male for a 10g on Sunday! I'm currently setting everything up. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
I have about 15 animals already!
Basil the eclectus parrot
Melania the eclectus parrot
River the blue and gold macaw
Isla the lovebird
Bee the budgie
Mint the budgie
Ladybug the hedgehog
Anyah the leopard gecko
Ari the shih tzu
Bear the bunny
Bundt Cake the bunny
Prism the betta fish
Sokka the betta fish
Mochi the axolotl!

Miss Annamarie
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I'm new, hi! Empty Re: I'm new, hi!

Post by M O U S E Wed 21 Oct 2020, 8:23 am

Oh my gosh you have an axolotl and it's name is Mochi! That is incredibly adorable!!! I love all of the names you have your your pets.

It's great that you signed up for Pet Mouse Fanciers, and welcome! If you ever need help, you can search key words from your question up, or if you can't find an answer post a new question. The people here are super helpful.

The bigger the cage the better and fill it with toys! There are lots of diys you can make. Even something as simple as tossing in a cardboard egg carton, tissue box, or toilet paper roll is great.
Once you first get your mouse, taming will take a TON of patience and time. One thing you can do is lay your hand in his cage and just let it there. He will get curious, and run up to you at first, then gradually put his paws on you until he is standing on your hand. Once he is fully on your hand, do not immediately pick him up. Let him get a little more used to you. Then, you can gently lift him up, but make sure if he jumps he won't escape or hurt himself. You can also put treats or food in your palm when you do this. You can also lure him into a toilet paper roll and gently lift it up to get him used to the feeling. I also suggest not purposely waking him up.

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