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Mouse has a smaller/squinted eye?

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Mouse has a smaller/squinted eye? Empty Mouse has a smaller/squinted eye?

Post by M O U S E on Wed 28 Oct 2020, 10:21 am

I have recently noticed that one of my girls, Roisin, looks like one of her eyes is always squinting or is just ever so slightly smaller than the other. She doesn't seem to struggle with her vision or excessively groom her face or anything, she acts just fine. Is there a reason this is? I looked online, and the first thing that came up was microphthalmia, which is a hereditary thing that causes a mouse to have a smaller eye. Is this likely?

Thinking back on this, I really have no question that needs answered... I'm pretty sure she has microphthalmia, but it really does not matter whether she does or not.

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