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Is neosporin ok to use on mice?

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Is neosporin ok to use on mice? Empty Is neosporin ok to use on mice?

Post by Sweetiehoney Thu 29 Oct 2020, 12:19 am

I just posted a discussion on my mice titled “loss of hair and scabbing” where I explained that I’ve had to leave my mice with my brother to be taken care of and one mouse seems to be stressed by it since he’s excessively grooming and losing hair on his face in patches, scabbing and getting red spots. The other mouse is completely fine. Is neosporin okay to use on his scabs? I can’t take them to the vet for another 2 weeks which is when I’ll return home to them but my vet is also expensive, the last time I took them for a check up it was $300 for 2 mice so id like to ask questions on here first before I go to a vet. I’ve also read baytril otric works for scabbing? My only concern is that the hair loss and scabbing is on his face near his eyes. What would be the best treatment for him? I don’t think mites are the problem because the other mouse is fine, I think he’s just excessively grooming and scratching

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Is neosporin ok to use on mice? Empty Re: Is neosporin ok to use on mice?

Post by chiroptera Sun 01 Nov 2020, 2:55 am

Neosporin WITHOUT pain relief is safe for use on mice. Smile

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