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What do you think of my enrichment supplies?

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What do you think of my enrichment supplies? Empty What do you think of my enrichment supplies?

Post by M O U S E Sun 22 Nov 2020, 10:36 am

So this is not an urgent question, but it was just something I began wondering about as of yesterday. I was cleaning my girls' cage, and was running a little low on things to put in there towards the end. I can literally name everything I have off of the top of my head:
- Hideys: small igloo, tree stump, little cottage, wooden half-circle from the reptile section of Petco
- Climbing toys: You & Me bendy perch, diy hammock, another hammock, 2 wooden ladders
- Chews: apple sticks, wooden blocks, loofa alien, loofa and wood cupcake
- Other: a bird toy, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, rocks, tissue boxes, two kaytee tunnels, bendy bridge
They don't have the best sized cage. I think it's about 10 gallons. I would love to have a larger cage for them, but I can't really do that right now. I have been looking into ways to turn the shelf of my bookshelf that their cage is on into a cage itself, but it has to be temporary and non-handy. It would only really expand their floor space by two inches anyways.
Back to the question. I switch out their toys every weekend, but they always get the same toys every other week. Should I stock up on some more toys to switch out, so they don't get bored of the toys they do have?

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What do you think of my enrichment supplies? Empty Re: What do you think of my enrichment supplies?

Post by River Sun 22 Nov 2020, 12:40 pm

I think this is fine, especially since things switch up every week. Realistically, there is no way to have a totally new toy every single week for their whole lives. Watching them should tell you if they're having fun or not!

However, if you do want to add more variety, you can buy some popsicle sticks and non-toxic hot glue and go at it. You can make pretty much whatever you want, the possibilities are endless. There's also a ton of things you can do with what you already have on hand, especially the disposable toys. Get creative and see what you can do with some scissors and safe glue.

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