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why is he like this

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why is he like this Empty why is he like this

Post by River Wed 02 Dec 2020, 12:49 am

When Cal is shredding cardboard or paper, he'll pick up the pieces and just...lick them? Kinda looks like he's eating it, but he drops it, so I assume he's just tasting. Like a weirdo. He's done it from day one.

I'm mostly just worried he'll ingest it, but so far everything seems fine...?

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why is he like this Empty Re: why is he like this

Post by ApricotWinter Tue 02 Feb 2021, 3:04 pm

Sometimes my boy Acorn will do the same thing. I think that they are just testing to see what it is... If you are worried, you could give him some edible toys like hanging carrots, apple slices, applewood, other branches. Things like that.
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