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Reusing seagrass toys?

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Reusing seagrass toys? Empty Reusing seagrass toys?

Post by River Sat 05 Dec 2020, 12:11 am

They're both toys I used with my last colony of girls. I wonder if they need to be sanitized.

Garcia had cancer, and Maier and Graham both passed of old age. Graham, however, did have chronic scratching. Logically I know it was probably OCD as she saw a vet many many times and her cagemate back then, Garcia, never scratched all. Some of you might remember though that before we lost Maier, she got a cut under her ear and I never figured out why. It was just such a strange coincidence. Graham's scratching started up in the same location. Garcia was introduced after this and was fine though, so I know the chances of it being related are low but...I'm paranoid lol. I feel that's my main personality trait at this point. Laughing

It has been over two years since I had any mice at all. I lost Graham on September 19th, 2018 and she was my last girl. Am I right to assume that if anything harmful was on them, it would probably have died off by now? If not, is there any way to sanitize them? Should I just bin them?

(I have actually given him a paper towel roll that touched those items now that I think about it, but I figure that's much less direct contact.)

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Reusing seagrass toys? Empty Re: Reusing seagrass toys?

Post by Peachy Sat 05 Dec 2020, 10:13 pm

I think it’s ok to use them. I would use them. If you want to be extra cautious about any buggies you could freeze the toys or spritz them with ivermectin and let them dry. Or if it gets cold enough at night, wrapping them up in a secure box and leaving it for a couple nights is a good option... I always quarantine bedding in my trunk in the winter!

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