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does my mouse have a uri ?

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does my mouse have a uri ?  Empty does my mouse have a uri ?

Post by lilyandlilac Wed 16 Dec 2020, 2:55 am

recently my mouse mochi has been making soft squeaking noises. she mostly does them when she is sleeping or eating. she is not breathing any slower or faster than usual but sometimes when i get close to her i can hear soft squeaking, not always. here is a video attached. she lives with 2 other mice who have no symptoms. she is acting exactly as she always does and is eating and drinking. i have left over baytril i can give her if needed. here is a video of the sound

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does my mouse have a uri ?  Empty Re: does my mouse have a uri ?

Post by River Wed 16 Dec 2020, 8:00 am

If she's doing this in her sleep, I'd say yes. Mice hide symptoms very well so most mice with URIs will act totally normal for as long as they physically can.

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