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burying hand

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burying hand Empty burying hand

Post by disastervibe Wed 16 Dec 2020, 4:49 am

I've had my mice for a few weeks now, and they're not afraid of me anymore. They'll happily eat out of my hands and come up to check me out when I'm doing stuff in their cage (cleaning wheels, hiding treats in foraging toys, etc.), but I've noticed that sometimes when I offer them treats they will put bedding over top of the food in my hands and then sit there and eat.

I was wondering if this is maybe them trying to store some of the food for later or something? I'm just curious, not worried or anything, since they will climb into my hands and haven't displayed any aggression toward me in a while (previously would tail rattle before they knew I was safe). One of them did use to build little walls of bedding around my hands when I first started the taming process as if she was trying to blockade me out, but she hasn't done that in weeks and now it's just a little bedding in the palm of my hand every now and then instead of a barricade around it consistently (lmao).

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burying hand Empty Re: burying hand

Post by ApricotWinter Tue 02 Feb 2021, 2:55 pm

Hmm. I think that it may just be them saying hi. I have never had a mouse do that though I have had mice that will pack off treats, bury them, then eat them later. I think that they may just want to bury the treat on top of your hand!
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