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Aloha Empty Aloha

Post by Denimoore808 Wed 23 Dec 2020, 3:19 pm

Aloha! My name is Deni and I am located in Hawaii. I recently became a new mouse mommy when I adopted 2 CD1 lab mice about 2 months ago. Well, the two soon became two more as many trips to the pet stores caused me to fall in love with another pair. So as of right now I have 4 female mice. Flora and Fauna are CD1 mice that will be 4 months old in the beginning of the year. Pebbles and Sandy are my two other mice and I guess technically would be considered feeder mice or pet store mice. Im not sure how old they are because the pet store was no help at all but I'm guessing they are a little younger then my other girls and estimate them to be about 3 months old. They were tinier then the CD1's when I got them but they are all around the same size now with Sandy being my chunky girl.

I would love to post pic of them but have yet to figure it out. Thanks for listening everyone!

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Aloha Empty Re: Aloha

Post by Dee67 Wed 23 Dec 2020, 4:51 pm

Welcome to you and your girls. Can't wait for pictures!

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