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Caring for a orphaned mouse I found

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Caring for a orphaned mouse I found Empty Caring for a orphaned mouse I found

Post by Sam step Thu 31 Dec 2020, 3:06 pm

Hi people, I really need some help. I found a mouse about a week ago (eyes shut but had fur) and started to feed it with a paintbrush a kitten milk which was fine. Then changed to a syringe and it was still feeding ok. Not it’s eyes are open and it runs around like mad but won’t take food from me at all. It seems to have a fuller belly than when I was hand feeding it (I have left some food pellets, water bowl and also a water bottle inside the cage. Does this mean it is eating itself? Or is it just swelling where it is hungry? I went a got a heat matt and a biggish fish tank to keep it in (it’s Xmas so the best I could do)
I really don’t want it to die now especially as i was looking after it on Xmas day 😂.
Any advice would be great please.

Sam step

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Caring for a orphaned mouse I found Empty Re: Caring for a orphaned mouse I found

Post by Dee67 Fri 01 Jan 2021, 12:04 pm

Try adding some KMR to his pellets so they are nice and soft. And maybe try a nice treat and see if he'll take that, maybe a tiny piece of walnut, or some fruit/vegetables. Other than that I don't have enough experience to give you more advice.

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