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Introduced mice - one keeps running away?

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Introduced mice - one keeps running away? Empty Introduced mice - one keeps running away?

Post by issabeau Sat 02 Jan 2021, 12:00 am

Hi there! I've just joined this forum hoping to get some suggestions.

I recently lost two out of my three mice within a couple months of each other leaving my third mouse all alone (Kenneth - she's a girl). She was clearly depressed so I have just gotten two new girls that are half sisters but from different litters (Catherine the Great & Tim-Tam). I have introduced them and everything seems to be going well, I've even seen Kenneth and Catherine grooming each other which is great!

However, Tim-Tam seems to be scared of Kenneth. Most times Kenneth approaches her Tim-Tam will squeak and run away. Kenneth is not approaching with aggression, she's merely curious. At one point both were in their little house and Tim-Tam squeaked out a lot and took a swipe at Kenneth before running out. Just now I noticed Kenneth attempted to just snuggle up with the other two, and she was there for a couple of minutes and then it's like Tim-Tam realised, squeaked at Kenneth and ran away again.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on what's going on or how I can fix it?

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Introduced mice - one keeps running away? Empty Re: Introduced mice - one keeps running away?

Post by chiroptera Sat 02 Jan 2021, 1:35 am

Honestly, I'd just give them time. Tim-Tam is probably just getting used to a lot of life changes, and is nervous. Most likely, once she realizes Kenneth isn't going to hurt her and that all is well, she'll calm down.

I'd suggest making sure you have multiple hides available, as well as using two feeding bowls or scatter-feeding, to assure she's not so scared that she won't eat if Kenneth is at the bowl, and just letting them go for a bit longer.

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