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Is my cage good for 5 mice?

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Is my cage good for 5 mice? Empty Is my cage good for 5 mice?

Post by Oreoandfriends Sun 03 Jan 2021, 4:32 pm

I currently have a lone female mouse that I’d like to get some more friends for. I’m in contact with someone who needs to find homes for a litter of mice that they have (and there are several females). Originally I was just going to get two, but now I’m thinking that my cage might be able to hold more.
I have a 200 quart sterlite bin cage from Walmart that has a little over 600 square inches of floor space when I measure the inside base, not the outside top measurements. The cage calculator said my cage could hold 9, but I wanted some clarification because I don’t want to overcrowd it. Do you guys think that my cage could comfortably hold 5 mice (if I adopted 4 babies)?
The cage setup will have several inches of bedding, levels to climb on, an eco earth digging area, and many toys.
Any input is appreciated, thanks!!
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Is my cage good for 5 mice? Empty Re: Is my cage good for 5 mice?

Post by CuriousWhiskers Mon 04 Jan 2021, 11:24 am

I would say yes, that would be big enough for 5 mice.

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